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If online dating becomes more accepted in the minds of people, social network effects might ultimately become a true differentiator as it would radically change the cost structure of an online dating business.

For the existing competition to Tinder or Match (in the case of Tinder, competitors like Happn, Bumble, Once, etc.) paid acquisition channels will become more and more expensive as their product is at the end not necessarily well differentiated (all using the same UX innovation introduced by Tinder) and users tend to end up going back to Tinder.

After 6 years of operations, and multiple competitors on the market, this is a whole generation that is now used to downloading a dating app when they are single.

When online dating was still a taboo for the younger generation, Tinder managed to democratize its utilization by introducing the gamification aspect to it.

Dating has already been through 2 main eras:(1) 2000’s: Inception of the online dating business.

With the democratization of the internet, online dating has started by digitalizing the traditional model of the “real estate agent” with experience and professionalism.

Mit dem Startup Dating Game hat sich NRW bei der SXSW von seiner besten Seite gezeigt: Selbstbewusst, heiter, fantasievoll, vielfältig, erfolgreich und weltoffen. Take three ambitious startups, let them pitch to one successful VC, hidden behind a wall ... The Startup Dating Game has it all: wit, laughter, entertainment - and a matchmaking like you´ve never experienced before. A direct analog synthesis (DAS) of efficiency, humor and entertainment.

Die Macher haben rund um das Format ein dichtes Netz an guten Kontakten geknüpft.

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