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We spoke briefly on the phone in 2009 only because an editor gave a strict edict of no email interviews. In concert, Apple Valley native Breanne Düren is his female counterpart.His publicist pushes for email interviews because Young does exceptional email interviews. "I never had sisters, I never dated girls in high school, I never had girlfriends," he says.

Owl City's 2009 breakout, Ocean Eyes (with "Fireflies"), has topped a million in sales, but 2011's follow-up, All Things Bright and Beautiful, has yet to crest 150,000.

"It's 'Purple Rain,'" the Owatonna native and resident tells City Pages.

"It's kind of cliché because it's one of the ones, but you can't really go wrong." Young's choice is a Prince mega-hit, but it's also one of most melancholy tear-yankers ever turned into a Hollywood drama.

His face is pale and has a few days' worth of beard growth along his jaw.

We discuss Sky Harbor Studios, the recording space at his own four-bedroom house on a cul de sac in town, we touch on his side of that first meeting with Jepsen — it occurred when they filmed the music video for "Good Time" in Upstate New York — and we delve briefly into how he believes he's got the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome but never had it diagnosed. He was trying to be Superman and stop our camper from rolling down the driveway." And for anyone who grew up in a small Minnesota town, you can fill in the rest of the pleasant conversation with the folks who turn out to be church friends of Young's parents. [To me] Sorry about that." Of course, he had nothing to apologize for.

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I briefly ponder asking him if he's gotten what he needed from our interaction yet, but stay silent.

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