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Swifty fan Kasey Andrew AKA nevergooutofstyle (on Tumblr) is the poor girl who got kicked to the curb earlier this week.

Is anyone actually surprised that Taylor’s so good at this?It was a clipped trailer for his new movie, The Favourite is absolutely phenomenal, and it opens in NY and LA tomorrow— Swipe to see cities and [email protected] @joe.alwyn @nicholashoult A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on , he skirts around the topic of Taylor, saying, “Someone’s private life is, by definition, private.It’s pretty crappy when your boyfriend dumps you days before Valentine’s Day. Sounds a bit crazy, but how else can we explain the fact that — on top of all her other good deeds — she gave breakup advice to a fan created a personalized “break up/moving on” playlist for her?! We’re convinced the 25-year-old pop star skipped the human birthing process and just fell directly from heaven.

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