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There is a lot of financial risk borne by a service provider who has one or two big clients.

Financial certainty helps me sleep at night, so if 30% of our revenue was at risk every day… Barring catastrophe, it’s unlikely that a large percentage of your customer base is going to churn over the course of a month, let alone a day.

One thing I learned was that when everything is going well, you don’t hear a peep from anyone, good or bad.

However, when something goes wrong – you need to drop everything to fix a non-urgent issue.

The overwhelming response when we explain our service to some people, but in particular agencies and developers is: “WTF? It’s completely fair that agencies wouldn’t hand over their client sites, there’s a lot of trust involved.

How do you actually provide unlimited fixes for per month? Put yourself in the white label partner’s shoes and you’ll quickly realize if there’s product / market fit.

When you actively seek your ideal customer, it’s simple: they will pay or they won’t. If you have a good product or service, people will pay. We save them from wasting time on their Word Press site. When your core differentiator becomes price, you’re in trouble… Solve the problems that your core customers have, everything else is noise. This makes some people very uncomfortable, which is OK.

In a past life, I was a IT consultant for large Australian companies.We’ve locked in our price point, said no to thousands of dollars of web design work that doesn’t fit our model and doubled down on our core offering. We struggled with different price points, different needs and articulating exactly who would do what work.If introducing a new customer type feels like it will be a distraction, go back to what works. If you can’t explain the problem that your business solves to your customer, you’ve got a problem. A quick way to blow away your assumptions is to ask your customers what they really care about. When you put an intermediary between yourself and the end customer, you don’t get the opportunity to build a relationship or improve your understanding of your customer’s needs.If your service solves a problem, you will get customers. When you take the time to find out what matters to a customer, you can do more of what makes them happy and less of what they don’t care about.This customer feedback helps us to build plugins and create useful content that people actually use and share.

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