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Each man was seated with a pair of women and the night began.

Instead of our normal 4 or 5 minutes per date, the time was increased to 6 or 7 minutes per double date.

My friend and I have been trying to get into a session for women between 38 and 53 and have been unable to do so.

They had already paired up themselves, and were making new friends.

This was simply a creative solution meant to address a shortage of single men in their 40’s and 50’s.

Here is the story: When Long Island Speed Dating (currently known as Weekend Dating.com) was started, I thought the only market was for the 25-35 year old crowd. Some of our best events are for the 40’s and 50’s age bracket. Where did all the single guys in the 46-56 age range go?

Salon by day, club by night give Beauty Bar a speakeasy feel. If your nails need some work you and your date can get martinis and manicures for .

TIP: Comedy shows on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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Why not just line up the ducks and have a carnival shooting match where the guns outnumber the ducks?

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