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Best Regards, Michelle Ge As far as i understand example from stackoverflow - you cange the webbrowser inner text (but documenttext isnt changed) - then you write webbrowser's document text into webbrowser (into self) and then this documenttext get changed?

Then i change text in textbox to desired data and place in web Browser with document.getelementbyid("id").innertext = - it change on "preview" (in webbrowser control), and it change in innerhtml.

When I do a right click and select "View Source" it opens a new text document with exactly the info I need.

On open (Document Completed) i just read inner Text of particular (using document.getelementbyid) and place it in textbox.

So I want to create another Dummywebbrowser(copy the real one) so from here I can strip the path. If you can't understand please tell me so I can explain it a little bit more, it is a little confusing.

Thanks for your hep: And accessing the Document Text property of the Web Browser control doesn't work?

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