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If you are having problems with downloading Windows updates because BITS will not start or is giving errors, there are a couple of ways you can try to fix the issue.

If you are getting any of these errors, read on: If BITS can’t be started for some reason, first make sure it is enabled in the Services control panel applet.

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Where possible I have provided hypertext links to further sources of information on the tool.

Some links such as Basic State and Lemon give a 404 error code or a 405 code in the case of MLab but appear to be accessible and so currently are left in. Increasingly new additions are from reader suggestions/recommendations.

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Go to Start, Run and type in the following command: If you simply get a window with a whole bunch of DLLs listed and no error messages that means all the appropriate DLL files for BITS and Windows Update are correctly installed on your system.

If you get an error about a DLL not being found or that is missing, then it is best to run System File Checker, which will copy back all of the original Windows DLL files.

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