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There used to be around 300 small wooden churches throughout the villages of Slovakia in the past. Only some of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites now.

For example, the unique Church of the Translation of the relics of St.

Probably you have heard of it, but you kind of mix it with Slovenia, Russia or still live before the year 1993 and you connect it to Czechoslovakia.

If this is your case, then first check out the basic facts you should know about Slovakia and then come back to this article.

For all the guys, this could be probably the only reason needed to visit Slovakia.

It is said that Slovak girls belong to the most beautiful women in the world when it comes to natural beauty.

Many women around the world spend entire fortunes to look like Slovak's natural beauty.

Slovakian women are very intelligent, realy sexy and attractive.Here you can meet "elderly lady" and a young teenager who with diligence, causing admiration work on their bodies.They really take care of themselves The result justifies the means. These girls can find a "golden mean" between work and home.Although almost everyone of them is trying to successfully perform two roles: a good mother and a loving wife, as well as a professional at work.I could bet that the majority of you do not really know why you should visit Slovakia, maybe not even where my home country is located.

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