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@Flox thanks for the detailed explanation, that helps.I, too, think that it would have been too great of a coincidence that they republished right before/after my testing.On my box it means that Plex shows as started (both on Web UI as well as in Cent OS) and running, but when checking the docker logs for it, it shows that the installation is aborted …I suggest to wait a day and possibly check out the forum entry over at Plex whether that has been fixed).In more details, the code in question is below: process, which means that we pull a new image before running the container(s) of a given rock-on.It still follows docker’s logic, however, so if no newer image is found on docker hub when compared to what exists locally, nothing will be pulled and docker will simply use the local image.In order to address the Plex API change for updates, I essentially had to stop/uninstall/remove the docker image from my server, and then reinstall the Plex Rock-On (using the same settings as before, so I did not have to rebuild my library/plugins, etc.).

Note that we do have some improvements in line for these Rock-ons/Docker-related operations to facilitate “forcing” them when needed.See this discussion, for instance, but you’ll find more throughout the forum and Github repos.The Rock-ons system is in active development right now so things are moving.We support a dedicated plex server installation, meaning you will have administration access over your own plex server, and be able to change its settings at will.Plex Installation First you need to create a account if you already do not have one. IMPORTANT: To stream your media files you will need to move your media files inside the appropriate Plex directory!

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