Photostream not updating on my pc

Sometimes, the best way to get i Cloud Photos to work properly is to force the application to re-initiate a download.

However, any photos that were already downloaded earlier aren't replaced — instead, i Cloud Photos tends to create duplicate folders.

Note: Even after enabling My Photo Stream on your PC, only the latest photos shows up within the photostream.Wait while the updater searches for available updates.If your photos are downloading properly again, then you've fixed whatever it is that's been bugging you.To check if you’ve set up i Cloud Photos to download your photos properly, you need to dive into the Photos Options panel.Step 1: Click the i Cloud icon on the system tray, and then click Open i Cloud Settings.

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Note: i Cloud Photos may not download your photos even after enabling the Download New Photos and Videos to My PC option, in which case you need to forcefully initiate a download.

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