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For additional rules for the SNDDST subject line, refer to page 198.Restricting Mail Relay and Spamming Refer to the online Help Text for Mail Relay settings with IBM i Series Navigator SMTP properties.It is not recommended that you leave this setting at *ALL, but instead should consider your environment and set this accordingly so that your system cannot be used for relaying by anyone not within your company.Configuring SMTP The following information is required to configure SMTP/POP on the operating system: Are you using a filtering firewall or a mail relay?If you do not have DNS with this information you must add a local host table entry for that name (the following steps describe what is needed if that is necessary).Step 7: If you do not want to use a mail relay (mailhub) when sending mail: SMTP (Port 25) TCP traffic is allowed inbound and outbound must be allowed through the firewall if one exists.If so, what is the TCP/IP address of the firewall or mail relay?Examples: o Filtering Firewall Example: Linux Firewall or Cisco PIX with SMTP Port 25 TCP Open and DNS Port 53 UDP/TCP Open. o Mail Relay Firewall Example: IBM Secure Way Firewall.

What is the SMTP Domain Name that the operating system will service mail for?This document explains how to configure MSF/SMTP on the IBM i for sending e-mails.It also includes configuring the IBM i to use the native command SNDDST to send to Internet addresses.Scenario 2: Mail Relay Firewall Example: IBM AIX Secure Way Firewall Check Point Firewall A mail relay firewall has SMTP code that listens for inbound mail and accepts the mail.This inbound connection is closed and then the SMTP code on the firewall makes a new connection with the destination Internet mail server or firewall.

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