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Brandie and I, used to work together, at a job that had us on the road, more than we were home.But when her Mother fell ill, my wife took an early retirement, spent several months at home, with frequent trips back and forth to see her Mom, and went to live with her, those last eight months.Of course she thought it was just coincidence, she had no idea that I could see her!About a month after she was home, my wife and I, decided to throw a party with a few close friends and blow off some of the steam of the last year.Little did I know, that these cameras were going to become a treasure trove of sexual pleasure, way beyond my wildest dreams!

I didn't do this because I suspected that my wife was cheating on me when I wasn't home, or for any other reason.The first thing that we did, was to start fucking like rabbits!Whenever I was at home, we were almost constantly having sex.As long as we were in the home alone, and didn't have visitors, or family around, Brandie was wearing some of her sexiest and sleaziest lingerie, and we had sex all over the house!A few times, those first few weeks she was home and I was on the road working, I did catch her on those cams, using her vibrator.

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My wife and I were both in our fifties and had been married for over twenty years.

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