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New version 8.0 has all of the features that you know and love, with a totally rewritten internal infrastructure that adds support for very large family trees (up to 500,000 individuals), and delivers faster performance.

Download Family Tree Builder 8.0 for FREE now Version 8.0 looks very similar to the previously-released version 7.0, but with a brand new engine under the hood.

Luckily, the Internet has provided us with a plethora of options when it comes to the organizational, or record keeping, part of our family history search.

If you are just beginning your search, or if you are already knee-deep in family history information, it will likely greatly benefit you to utilize blank forms to record information and organize it.

This means that changes are now saved immediately and seamlessly upon making them, with no need to click on the “Save” button anymore.Version 8.0 is available for Windows, and a Mac Extension version will be provided for Mac users next month.We’ve just completed a successful beta program of version 8.0 with a large pool of test users.Feedback was enthusiastic, and with help from the beta testers, we were able to complete final fine-tuning of the new version.The new version is much faster and more responsive: trees of up to hundreds of thousands of individuals are now supported, and they load very fast.

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For a period of two years, we have worked hard to build a new framework for the software, designed to provide the best performance and experience for our users, and to support enhancements in the future.

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