Nod32 not updating windows 7

As online threats continually evolve, ESET researchers constantly come up with the most efficient tools to fight the expanding volume, diversity, and sophistication of threats.Find what is inside the Live Grid scanning system and how ESET solutions defend you both on and offline.If Clear is greyed out (or otherwise unavailable), restart your computer and then attempt to update again (before you restart, click here to bookmark this article).After your computer has restarted, repeat steps 2-4. Proactive threat detection Count on a security software that regularly protects you from emerging viruses.Live Grid technology grants ESET Virus Lab advanced users with an exact snapshot of the nature and scope of worldwide threats.I've hit a bit of trouble with my windows 7 desktop in the last week or so.

It allows you to download and install latest security updates, fixes and performance and reliability updates which are regularly released by Microsoft to keep Windows OS up to date.Having removed the offending virus, a malwarebytes scan revealed my computer also had a Trojan, which I assume was causing the issues with regard to updates.That's now gone, and I've since manually installed the latest version of ESET smart security.In addition to this, my browser is failing to load the Microsoft support pages/forums or the ESET download page; I'm having to post this from a different device, and yesterday I had to download the ESET file from a different PC and transfer it via a USB.I can't help but think it's connected to this Trojan, since any other website works fine, and I've been able to access both of these websites fine from any other computer.

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