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Garwulf: Considering the fast pace of Pv P and the need for split-second timing, I imagine you use a lot of keybindings for your various abilities.

Can you give us an idea of how you have your keyboard (and perhaps mouse) set up?

I’m not necessarily looking for a complete mapping of all your abilities (however, if you want to share all of your keybindings then that’d be awesome), but how do you have some of the more frequently used and important abilities assigned?

I use Serpent sting a lot in arena, however I mostly use Hunter’s Mark to cover traps from being dispelled, or unless I have extra time to apply it.

#showtooltip Bestial Wrath /stopcasting /stopcasting /cast Bestial Wrath /cast Focus Fire /use Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Conquest /cast Call of the Wild /cast Roar of Recovery /use Unsolvable Riddle/stopcasting /stopcasting /cast Deterrence /use item:58489 /use item:64361 /use item:64881 /use item:28788 /use item:44430 /use item:64383 /use item:64358 /use [target=Garxz] the heartbreaker /use item:64399 /use item:63359 Enjoy.

Do you use any sort of addon to monitor dispellable debuffs?

Garwulf: If another hunter asked you what it takes to be successful in arena, what would you tell them? i.e., team composition, knowledge of your class, talents, gear, communication with teammates, etc…

Hunters are arguably the least ‘arena friendly’ class, so what things would you stress when trying to mentor other hunters who wish to try and succeed in arena?

If he fears your pet you should Bestial Wrath, keep range and avoid letting him do damage, buying as much time as you can.

I usually open with Scatter - Ice Trap, and then a few Tranquilizing Shots to clean him.

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