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In other words, they’ve got their bases covered, especially now that indie-hop label Rhymesayers (home to Atmosphere and Brother Ali) has loosed Reprogram on a blinged-out landscape looking for a respite from hypermaterialism.

“Hip-hop, in our eyes, has lost the majority of its creativity and luster,” argues Karim, “but we haven’t been affected by the mainstream takeover of hip-hop culture, and neither has our music.” That statement may ring strange, consider¬ ing that Reprogram’s beat architects are none other than Seattle standouts Vitamin D and Jake One, whose stripped-down compositions have helped Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, G-Unit, and many more mainstreamers explode. They know us, our crew Oldominion, Jasiri, Under the Needle, all the rest.

Hill, NC Night Ught Knoxville, TN The Pitot Light Champaign, ft TBA Si.The women’s music ranges from lounge numbers possessed by Serge Gainsbourg’s ghost and narcotic lullabies to post-techno C-scans of the soul. “The own character of the artist stays in the foreground and in the back stands Monika and puts the light on them.” When asked about what direction she wants to take Monika next, Gut has big dreams, literally. “I don’t make this kind of business decision, but I’m dreaming of a big Monika house!It should look like an old grand hotel.” 4 Women No Cry is out now on Monika Enterprise, Cobra Killer, Barbara Morgenstern, and Gudrun Gut II PREFIX II AUDIOFILE many others.This created speculations that she might be his girlfriend.Previously, the rumors of him dating his co-star, Anna Friel surfaced after they shared a controversial kiss on the comic con of with his car.

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We get in bathing suits once a year for the music conference in Miami, and even then we only go swimming drunk and under the cover of darkness. Speaking by phone from her Berlin office, Gut mentions that few labels were interested in developing new artists unless they were chart-bound or one-hit cash-ins.

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