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And while being coy and mysterious might sound like a good idea, it usually only sends mixed signals, and those are never good.

DO be up front about exactly what you’re looking for!

Be aloof, come with a script, or try to play it cool.

Dating sites like Elite Singles have made meeting people online much easier and it’s a truly effective way for individuals to find long-lasting relationships.

Amateur mistakes are plenty common; Twitter is chock-full of absolute horror stories. Whether it’s your first time down the block or you’re a seasoned veteran to the likes of swipe-based dating, these online dating dos and don’ts are right for you.

We’re here to help you bag love at first (web)site.

Dating sites expect a 37 percent hike in activity on Tuesday as staff return to work following the festive fun.

The Word doc cut/paste system makes you an efficient dater. Unless you want that kind of attention, in which case, enjoy – no judgment here. You don’t know who’s in your tribe until you’ve given them a chance. Don’t see them and simultaneously compare them against everyone else you see online. Chemistry and true connection are rarely found through words on the page. Reveal confidential information about yourself before you meet. Sure (unless valuable information is provided when one Googles your cell number). Your photo can be dragged off your profile and dropped right into the search bar of Google, followed by a click on “image.” If you have that same image posted anywhere else on the web, one can obtain even more information about you.

This is a person, not an exchangeable item you can return for an upgraded model.

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