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(Eugenics was later widely discredited as pseudoscience.)In part in order to accomplish this separation of races, the state found it necessary to keep track of who was white, black, and Indian.

Local registrars were required to report all births, deaths, and, , marriages to the state registrar, along with people's racial identification. Plecker, was a white supremacist and a believer in eugenics who recognized that his new position could be used to prevent the mixing of races. According to Powell, the group was dedicated to finding the "fundamental and final solutions of our racial problems in general, most especially of the Negro problem." Race-mixing was a priority concern for these men.

Articles by Cox and Powell published in the Richmond on July 22, 1923, wondered, "Is White America to Become a Negroid Nation?

Interracial relationships and thus mixed-race children were common from the earliest settlement period among whites, free blacks, and Indians, and especially under created separate racial categories in order to establish status and rights.

In 1662, the General Assembly articulated the key concept that a child followed the condition of the mother no matter the status of the father, both providing incentive for slaveholders to increase their slave property by impregnating enslaved women and also contributing to the concept that whiteness would be defined by the absence of blackness.

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Some white people wondered whether this change, along with a longer, more gradual decline in the number of black Virginians, was the result of African Americans "passing" as white.

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