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Perhaps 93 percent of the population can be classified as ladinos or mestizos—Spanish-speaking persons of Indian-Spanish heritage.Another 5 percent come from six indigenous groups: Chortí, Lenca, Tol (Jicaque), Pech (Paya), Tawahka(Sumu), and Miskito. Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., 1989) The Republic of Honduras occupies a prominent pivotal position in the seven-country Central America land bridge that connects North and South America.Throughout western and central Honduras rugged mountains of moderate height, reaching 9,000 feet (2,750 meters) above sea level in a few places, are interspersed with many upland valleys.The downstream portions of these rivers are navigable to shallow-draft vessels, but upstream from the first rapids only dugout canoes can be used for local travel and commerce.

The slight population of less than 0.8 persons per square kilometer is primarily indigenous and they often are speakers of creole English.Almost all of the major rivers flow into the Caribbean Sea, reflecting the distribution of the highest mountains in the west and the origins of the moisture-laden winds from the east coast.They are the Ulúa, Aguán, Negro, Plátano, Patuca, and, on the Nicaragua border, the Río Coco, the longest in Central America.They include the Garífuna (Black Caribs), the English-speaking Bay Islanders, whose ancestors once occupied the Cayman Islands, and the black English Creoles, who have worked the coastal banana plantations.In spite of serious deforestation from the mid-1960s Honduras remains a wooded land.

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