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I was confused about how to start these difficult confession conversations, and was embarrassed to admit that I was a medical professional with herpes.Looking back, I should have informed all of my partners that I had the virus before we had sex.But during my off hours, especially when I was in my twenties and thirties, I was Sheila, the timid, insecure, and shy girl hiding the fact that she had herpes.There was a huge disconnect between my persona as a physician and as a patient.Ob-gyn practitioners need boundless energy, and the variety of surgery, office, and labor and delivery suited my personality well.

Still, I felt guilt for betraying my partners' trust.I was 20 years old, sitting on the exam table in the medical clinic of my college campus, when the nurse practitioner uttered four dreaded words: "It looks like herpes." She scribbled an Rx, and with a swift tear of the prescription pad, promptly left the room. How could I have a virus that sounded so dirty when I was still a virgin?I was in a relationship with my first serious boyfriend, and we hadn’t even had vaginal intercourse yet.After that, it was really hard to emotionally connect with another guy.I was scared that if I admitted I had herpes to a potential partner, he would deem me imperfect and tainted, leave me, and confirm what I already feared about myself: I was unworthy of love, was meant to suffer, and didn't deserve a true partner in life. Eventually, I realized my dream of attending medical school, though I never disclosed my virus to my fellow students.

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