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Dave's organised attempts at dating have us absolutely baffled; he's tagged some as "Monitor Closely (bold = ASAP)" and included visual descriptions, including one as "very jappy; one and done for me".10 TRUTHS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ONLINE DATING 'Jappy', for those not in the know, is a slang term for a Jewish American Princess.

Dubbed as being "very pretty" and "sweet and down to earth", Dave had hoped to see her again soon.

Or, as he might label it, a drop-down menu of kissing, outercourse or intercourse. More love and romance by the numbers: Guy Blogger vs.

(Or maybe he just hasn't gotten lucky with any of them.)-er, spreadsheet or Rolodex to keep track of the people in your life? Girl Blogger: The True Cost of a First Date Dudes to Avoid Dating: a Semi-Comprehensive List Complex Algorithm Actually Responsible for All Your Good OKCupid Dates--Not Your Profile Info!

18-30), a very detailed list of which party instigated communication and when, initial thoughts ("mixed bag of pictures, but great bod") and current date status.

Interestingly, the dude has enough class to omit any details of sex.

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