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They also add validation rules to check the contents of the field - in this case, ensuring that all of the entries have values and aren't empty.

It makes handling the rendering and display of forms, and more usefully, both client and server-side validation, quick and easy.

[...] This tutorial presents a basic implementation of HTML_Quick Form to produce a common email contact form and explores ways to get the most from this powerful library.

They introduce the topic by explaining when is a good time to use the package.

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It assumes familiarity with HTML form elements, and reasonably basic PHP skills.

Fortunately, modern programming toolkits like Dojo provide ready-made widgets that have the necessary client-side functions for autocomplete.

Add a little bit of server-side glue, in the form of a PHP script that talks to a database to generate valid suggestions, and enabling this functionality in a Web application now becomes a matter of hours, rather than days.

In this article, I'll show you how to do this using three different libraries: PEAR HTML_Quick Form, YUI, and Dojo. I'll be discussing some of the package's non-standard form elements, teaching you how to combine elements into groups, showing you how to apply templates to control a form's appearance, and guiding you through the process of writing and registering your own custom validation rules.

As its name suggests, the PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) library called HTML_Quick Form can be used to quickly and cleanly to produce validating HTML forms, relieving the developer of the tedium that often accompanies such tasks.

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