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I was ushered over to his part of the party at 41 Ocean Club, and we quickly exchanged pleasantries. You see, at the time, I and many others were under the impression that Snapchat was an app that was primarily used for sexting.I remarked on how much all of my friends loved his app. An angry Spiegel thoroughly explained to me how wrong I was and how small a portion of Snapchat's activity was derived from sexting.Though that is just one of the many capabilities of the social app, no use of Snapchat was more important to the app's early success than the ability to send sexual photos and videos that disappeared from other users' devices within a matter of seconds.As Spiegel rightly decided -- showing great judgment from his early days as CEO -- he was not going to let his app fall into the categories of "sex app," "mobile porn" or, far worse, "child pornography," but clearly, sexting was key to Snapchat's growth in those days.

This feature has the potential to be used for all sorts of things.Teens may be less likely to make a bad choice if they know the consequences. Our crisis messenger text service provides free, 24/7 crisis support across the UK.I met Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel a few years ago in an interaction that went from polite to extremely awkward within a matter of minutes.It happened three years ago at a tech and social media party one block from the Santa Monica Pier.

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Spiegel was right that day I met (and offended) him. One of the bigger keys to Snapchat's success has been its ability to simply make social sharing a fun and silly experience.

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