Focus on the family dating virginity

YA book, teen TV show, and movie, perhaps because it's so eminently relatable.

The manner in which a person has sex for the first time – how, when, and with whom — is typically a major decision, and ideally an exercise of personal agency.

Andrew seemed to love every cell of my body, and for the first time in my life, I passed mirrors and smiled. I love you.” I found that hard to believe since we’d been dating only a few weeks; but in those moments, it was hard to hold back and remember that I meant to give my virginity only to my future husband. Andrew had a football gathering with his buddies, and I had almost no homework. My roommate, who’d been living a similar lifestyle, felt compelled to go that night, too. Yet there was a deep part of me that was empty and aching. It wasn’t an effort to become a better person; it was an insatiable hunger inside me to change. I’d had some of that connection with Andrew, and now that he was gone, I faced temptations and longings that seemed more than I could handle.It was what my parents taught, my preacher preached and my childhood friends believed. Darla came into my room Monday morning as I frantically searched for my chemistry homework. At those times, I’d pray for him, asking God to offer him the same fulfillment that I was now experiencing through my life in Christ. Conversations with Andrew were rare, but on one occasion, he called me.My freshman year, however, I was introduced to new terms by girls who were apparently experts in the field. He was not a virgin, and though he started the relationship claiming that he didn’t want to “take” my virginity, as the weeks progressed, his claims changed. A new solemnity replaced my partying, crazy lifestyle of pleasure. Several months had passed since our breakup, but he just wanted to talk.In hindsight, the days run together from my freshman year through the first semester of my second year of college. All along He had been waiting for me to find happiness in Him, rather than wasting my days drunk and unfulfilled.My roommate’s drinking often rewarded her with men. At the same time I realized I was forgiven, I felt the extreme need for my life to change — dramatically. As I broke up with Andrew, I quoted a verse from the New Testament.

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