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I made a mistake by flirting with him and told him his muscles look sexy…maybe he wanted to take it to another level; maybe he thought I was interested in him.However I don’t do kitambi (pot-bellied) guys” she claimed.

He learned how to build rapport with a woman by watching these master pickup artists. On a first date, if a man says he likes my smile, or that I look better in person than in my online dating profile, I can see that he’s attracted to me.

How about an article for guys about the appropriate, sincere, meaningful, simple ways to show a woman we’re physically attracted to her on first dates or other initial points of connection?

It seems like decent guys can do it in ways that are awkward for the woman, not well-received, inept, off-putting, poorly-worded, etc. I need the advice, and I’m sure there are plenty of guys like me.

Now Mishi Dora has caused another alteration due to the tea she spilled at Mpasho where she claimed that Risper’s fiancé was making his moves on her.

“Brian has been flirting with me; I think I gave him the wrong impression when I met him at the gym.

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