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The following was originally published in The Defenders Online as part of the Father’s Day Edition in 2010.When my father laughed, he’d show his wide, white teeth, wrinkle his broad nose and let loose. So here’s the repost: I am glad to say that by now—nearly a week after Valentine’s Day, 2012, the day “The Loving Story” aired on HBO—interracial marriage is more accepted in this country than ever. (Which you can read about in this link from GOOD Magazine.) On that note, I believe it’s time to extend marriage rights to same sex couples.I believe that a marriage between two people of the same sex is no less a marriage than one between two people of different sexes.“It’s that time, folks,” he’d boom, in his rich, good-natured bass, “That’s all she wrote.” I was the lone kid at the parties, in my parents’ world in general.By the time I reached kindergarten, all the little friends I’d had in our building had moved to the suburbs.I can smell the smoke in the air, mingling with the aroma of my father’s fried chicken or my mother’s latkes.

In four and a half decades, their interracial marriage did not threaten the sanctity of anyone’s same-race marriage. I think it is time to acknowledge that marriage is a loving, committed relationship between two people who love and commit to one another.We’d eat dinner together most nights, breakfast most mornings.I wasn’t lonely; I had friends at school; I had my parents.(My mother wouldn’t let me play with her hair either, though I longed to.It was shoulder-length, straight and flipped like Mary Tyler Moore’s—the height of seventies chic.) But it’s the laughter I remember most.

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