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I’ve tried online dating as well but tbh I hate the thought of that and might not be super receptive to it.

I'm not into ONS, so it could be easier to just get laid if you're hot. Introductions, coincidences, making friends, saying yes to spontaneous invitationa to events or outdoor activities like hiking. You have more chances to find somebody if you take a friend (alone feels totally weird in my opinion) to the bars street in Clausen. If you're still a student there are a lot of cafés to hang in the city centre.

Hm, online dating used to be, back in the late 90ies and early 00's. Am a gay dude and not that much into going out to bars n stuff so online dating is the ONLY thing I've ever had, even now since I'm currently in search of a job after having failed uni, and it's a very tough one.... I'm mostly happy being by myself but it still hurts to see everyone around you being in a happy relationship. If you're from the LGTBQI community there are probably places too, but I can't help you there. ;)Or even concert halls like the Atelier which is way more intimate then the Rockhal. He said that the dating scene is more of a "go out and meet people".

There was just that initial, innate curiosity about people in general. My all-time favorite place to meet people was the Scott's pub. He would talk to random girls at bars and date them not long after.

I'm also adventurous and love's trying new things out.

In terms of relationship, I'm loyal and faithful to the woman that I will truly with for the rest of my life. Looking for you, looking for you I go Among the dawn, the rain and the snow Among the notes of the mocking bird song They sing so happy expressing their love.

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