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Stick them in your backpack, purse, or a very deep pocket, I don't care.You never really know where the night is going to take you and the last thing you need is a vagina you can literally smell. Sometimes you just need to put on a fresh pair of panties.According to Dr Ed, not many people — American or European — are super satisfied with their quickies.More than 38 percent of European men and over 32 percent of American men considered themselves satisfied following their one-night stands, but a measly 16 percent of European women and 18 percent of American women had similar feelings.

Chalk it up to a little bit of speculation, but it seems that some people are looking for more than just a place to get off and get out.

Close to 33 percent of European women and 19 percent of European men who've never had a one-night stand would judge someone for having one.

The numbers were even higher on the American side of things, with close to 35 percent of women and 27 percent of men who have never had a one-night stand claiming to be super critical of those who had.

I feel like a lot of women don't want to carry condoms because it makes them look "slutty" and a lot of guys don't carry condoms because they don't want to wear them. Don't linger at his or her apartment and do not expect that this person is going to spend the rest of the day with you.

Being slutty is a good thing so get your head out of your ass and not wearing a condom is fucking dumb. This is very likely not going to become a relationship.

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Personally, I like them because you take a girl from “hello” to sex within a couple of hours, and this really confirms your confidence in your game.

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