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I finally found one, showed the Spanish address to the taxi driver (I had it in my phone ready to go; I’m always prepared), who thankfully could read it and knew where to go.

Taxi drivers in Asunción are friendly and helpful, but they don’t use GPS at all, and have no concept that you can get there faster if you follow the roads the GPS tells you based on traffic conditions.

Foreigners from certain other nations have to purchase an entrance visa the first time they visit.

It’s as much as 0 USD, and they only take twenty-dollar bills, and they only take certain of twenty-dollar bills.

After bouncing around on Los Angeles-like third-world roads, I finally arrive, easily 45 minutes late for my appointment and still half asleep.

Oh, and by the way, guess what happens to Canada when the USA finally goes down the shitter? ) So, irritated and very tired, eventually I got out of there and crashed to bed an hour or two later, way too late.The women here seem to be a mix of the darker-skinned Hispanics with the lighter-skinned Argentineans.Therefore, the skin tone of everyone here is much lighter than anywhere else I’ve been in the Latin world so far.But then my schedule calmed down, I was able to catch up on my sleep, and I was able to experience the city. The Women Oh, of cute women here, and the average ones are usually on the high-end of average.Even better, the body types here are exactly what I like.

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