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If you would’ve told me a few years back that I’d be creating a blog to share my personal life experiences?! so here goes…Getting back out there and dating has been odd for me.

I’m still on my journey and enjoying every second of it! I’ve made a commitment to being honest in my posts…

Those, he said, in the safety of larger bases and back at home in the states, can become desensitized by the “nine-to-five job” life.

The everyday can dull the urgency for eternal things.

I’m fiercely independent and have never been the type to “have to” be in a relationship. Only after serious prayer and several conversations with Chaplain Hesseling, Doak said he learned to trust God and believe “that you do have a Good Shepherd watching over the whole world.” “Though you like to pretend that you have control,” he continued, “and though we train and do as much as we can to mitigate a lot of factors, ultimately, whether somebody lives or dies is out of our hands, and that’s definitely a huge call to come back to that side of the faith, to be able to just trust completely that things will work out.” At Mass and in counseling, Father Hesseling helps soldiers grappling with profound questions of faith like, ‘“Where is God in all this? Grasping for Answers But without a foundation of faith, soldiers can get lost in the spiritual “deserts” of war, Father Hesseling explained.In facing death, some end up only “groping” for answers instead of turning to God, he said.It has been said that there are no atheists in foxholes.Indeed, facing mortal danger has long been a catalyst for faith — especially on the battlefield where life meets death every day. Soldiers facing death are still searching for and finding God. soldiers returned fire from the sand-bagged compound, about the size of the small chapel at Ft. Two days later, as the attacks continued, Father Jason Hesseling, 37, chaplain and major in the U. Army was helicoptered in, along with his assistant Sergeant Patrick Neal, 27.

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