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His youngest daughter in Scotland supplied his biography which was published in 2012.

With her help and that of her younger brother, their father's biography is now complete. Many people have queried whether this is Kelab Sultan Sulaiman or the Royal Selangor Club.Efforts of Malaysian farmers provide food for the public. Nutritious food must be served at Malaysian schools and hospitals. The K'seena House was relocated from Telipot, Kelantan to Kuang, Selangor. Dr Ezanee is interred not far from his K'seena House.This photo was one which I saw hanging on the wall outside the lifts at Hospital Pulau Pinang, when I visited to see the hospital director. I met his brother Dato Dr Mahmood Merican, Datin Ragayah, son, and Dr Ezanee's children at my talk.He was the first Malay and Malaysian to invent a toilet bowl for Malaysian toilets in 1962.This form of toilet then replaced the outdoor bucket latrines.

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