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To prevent a STEC infection, health officials recommend washing hands often, including after contact with animals or their environments (such as farms, petting zoos, etc.) and before eating and drinking, the statement said.interpast Farm Petting Zoo, an animal sanctuary in Wake Forest popular with young families in the Triangle, is in danger of closing, according to a social media post by owner "Farmer Mary" Droessler.In 2004, she hosted two special needs 6-year-olds from Russia through a program that allowed children who were living in post-Chernobyl nuclear accident pollution to have a summer in the U. They moved from Stavropol, Russia, to join Mary and her young biological children, Ben and Thomas.Farmer Mary had been told Elizabeth would “never count past three” when she adopted her from a special needs orphanage in Russia.Farmer Mary also rescues special needs animals, including ducks and chickens with twisted beaks or extra or missing toes, a rabbit who is blind, a duck who lived in a home wearing a duck diaper and a pig with only three feet.

However, people don't usually die from kidney failure anymore, because it can be treated with dialysis, Dr.

Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, told Live Science in an interview last year.

Instead, most deaths associated with HUS result from other complications, such as bleeding (due to the toxin interfering with blood clotting), stroke or brain swelling, Adalja said. coli infection causes diarrhea, it can also cause a tear (perforation) in the colon, which allows fecal matter to leak into the body, and this can also be deadly, he said.

Allegedly, Farmer Mary’s sister wants her investment out of the farm and is trying to force a sale of the entire 10-acre property, which is home to an old farm, tobacco barn and homestead that dates to the 1730s.

The petting zoo is located in Farmer Mary's front yard, and is filled with many special needs and unwanted animals, including peacocks, ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, emu, a donkey and mini pigs — who are not so mini anymore.

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