Consolidating worksheets in excel

Click in the Reference area and select the first data range to consolidate – to do this you will need to click the Sheet tab i.e.“Year 1” and then drag over the data (including row and column headings) and then click the Add button to add this first set of data to the consolidation dialog.Fortunately, Microsoft Query is an alternative that is available in all versions of Excel that can guide you through the process.The process I’ll describe can work within an existing workbook, or you can pull data from multiple workbooks. I am trying to analyze patient satisfaction surveys and have been given an excel file.Unfortunately, the way the program exports results is not user friendly (at least to me). Each worksheet has a numeric name (example: 2321123) and is not just "sheet 1"3.

In this blog, Edmund, one of our Excel experts, shares his top tips.

I have a workbook with over 1400 worksheets (tabs) and am looking for a formula, VBA code, or any other way that will allow me to collect the data from ALL worksheets in one table. Each worksheet name is not sequential but do seem to be in chronological order4.

Each worksheet is set up the exact same layout (cells) for all information EXCEPT Questions. This worked great and I could easily set up formulas to create a table.

You can keep adding Union and Select statements as needed.

Figure 4: You can display the combined data in Excel in a variety of ways.

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A benefit to using Microsoft Query is that if the data from the other worksheets changes, you can update the combined worksheet by right-clicking on any cell within the resulting table or pivot table and choosing Refresh.

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