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Social phobia occurs in women twice as often as in men, although there is a higher volume of men that seek help for this disorder. population ages 18 to 54—approximately 5.3 million Individuals are diagnosed with a social phobia each year.An Upper West Side psychologist is using a special kind of therapy to help her clients take charge of their bad dating habits and find love. D., has been using cognitive behavioral therapy with her clients for 15 years.The therapy, which is more broadly used to treat anxiety-related issues, identifies a patient’s more destructive thoughts, assumptions and behaviors and, with the help of the therapist, corrects them.In my own hunt, I first searched for therapists online, which led me to feel even more confused than when I began.

Individuals with social anxiety tend to pass up chance to date which can lead to greater feelings of inadequacy. For example, some may tell romantic interests that they have other plans, or they agree to plans and end up canceling because of the possibilities of something going wrong.

Negative assumptions like this are called cognitive biases, and fixating on them tends to distract people from the more encouraging parts of a date, like flirtation, Cohen says.

This can result in behaviors that are real turn-offs to romantic interests.

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia can be treated effectively with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

This is one of the most effective and widely used therapies for anxiety disorders.

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