Cobbler not updating dhcpd conf

I found another solution on askubuntu that worked for me.I'm posting it here as a cross reference in case it helps someone.But I managed to get it working by checking the system log for clues when a service didn’t start or when the DHCP server didn’t update the DNS records: * Thanks to Phil who commented on the previous version of this guide with this tip on rndc freeze and unfreeze.

I’ve included the whole contents of my file here and marked the changes that I’ve made in bold.

That dnsmasq instance listens for queries at address

If you do not want to use a local forwarding nameserver then configure Network Manager not to start a dnsmasq instance and not to insert that address.

But I didn’t want this and I’m not going to update these files that often that it matters to me.

When using the dnssec-keygen to generate the secret key I passed it the parameter “-r /dev/urandom”.

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