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CERATO has used these bullying tactics many times before, attacking many people and investors. He bullied me when I approached him to ask about what happened to my k I gave him.He gave me 00 back and told me to fuk off and called the police saying I was harassing him.Well Cerato & Crew are now pitching some bogus scam called “Logic Living Mirco Homes” Upon a corporate search of this fictitious Micro Living Homes company, it does not exist.Once again Cerato and crew want you to pay with crypto currency and cash, or Cerato will gladly take your checks written out to Brandwerx or Stylewerx.THE DIRTY ARMY: Kathy Ta is the biggest gold digger in calgary with dds she comes to vancouver and sits at the the tables with rich males.She is disgusting and has been tossed around all of calgary and vancouver.A Police complaint was also filed against Cerato for uttering threats towards a group who spoke out against his actions.

Cerato and his Dirty Crew love the Crypto World since they can take in $, then convert it to all the BTC, ETH and other crypto currency to try and hide their tracks.She’ll spread her legs to just about every single guy out there and claim that he’s the father…. Cerato & his Dirty Crew make their pitches on the following social media handles (Instagram & Facebook) Cerato also likes to use a supporting cast of his Dirty Entourage Crew, which include friends, family and other supporters: Nick Bicak, Cory Gardiner, Dan Campbell, Angie Coombes., Victoria Strzepka, Evan Mc Clelland and others (supporting & backing Cerato in his social media posts). They then fly down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and re-invest their newfound wealth into their own projects with your $.Fly back to Calgary and say, “oops we did it again, sorry about that, but our bogus investment did not workout- all your $ was lost because someone else screwed it up, (but not us, wink, wink)”.She may have been an idiot but for f**ks sake at least Randy should know better!!If you were a real MAN, you’d have something to show for your miserable life…

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People gave Cerato, Nick Bicak and Cory Gardiner money hand over fist, they then pocketed the $ and ran back to Mexico to party and invest the $ into their own Air Bn B and condo projects.

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