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Even if you are a natural risk taker, is this a risk worth taking? No matter what your physical chemistry might be saying, it's important to step outside the scenario and see it clearly.

Once you sleep with your best friend, you're heading down a road with no U-turn.

Let’s assume Ali and this guy have a serious connection: what does a girl do?

Here are 5 things Ali should have done and 5 things YOU should do if you ever find yourself crushing for the same guy as your friend.

In theory, it seems like the best idea ever but, in theory, lots of disasters seem like the best idea ever.

Even if dating your best friend does work out in real life, it's still not without its complications.

This includes sharing details of your relationship, posting sappy Facebook statuses, smothering his wall with lovey dovey sentiments and posting a new picture of the two of you.

Yes, you’re entitled to embrace your relationship, but a good friend doesn’t do that.

"Your best friend may fly under the radar you typically use to vet dates," says Masini.If you’re the friend who lost out, don’t waste your time crying over it.Get back into the swing of things and if all else fails, take a vacation like a cruise from Cruise Direct! Don’t tell him and the entire world about how you and your friend liked the same guy, but you got him. It’s embarrassing for your friend and more importantly, it makes you look petty.As much as we may not want to admit to it, sex can change everything.Once you've seen someone in such an intimate situation, like sex, you never see them quite the same way again.

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If you choose not to say anything, then you better not plan on taking action on your feelings.

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