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Well, here's a simple yet useful life hack for everyone who doesn't want to spend hours checking the dating sites: just choose any website here at and enjoy.

The thing is, our experts have already found all the best sites with beautiful Japanese ladies — so all you have to do now is pick any of them and use it without any worries. Well, it's obvious, but still: don't hesitate and write to them first. If you have four "no", well, it'll be quite difficult for you to find a girl in Japan. Yes, it's a very uncommon thing in the US, but it's very popular here in Japan. At last, public expression of feelings definitely not common in Japan.

), and you will definitely be surprised by your nice, kind, and polite Japan girl.

Japanese people are intelligent and smart, that's one of those true stereotypes about them.

Keeping the conversation going can be difficult if you are shy or dating someone who is self-conscious, so pulling out a few favorites can help you get through any uncomfortable moments.

But a fact is a fact — when you see a beautiful Japanese girl, the time stops and you just forget to breathe.

Japanese girls are naturally beautiful — they have perfect smooth pale skin, they have awesome bodies, their faces are extremely cute, and their dark black eyes are something you will never forget.

But, there's one thing you can't deny — these families raise the girls as perfect wives and mothers. Even if it sounds unlikely for you, it's the 100% truth, and Japanese women do really want to find husbands and to create strong, long-term relationships. Your beautiful Japan girl will never shout or yell, she will not even try to dominate you, even if some huge problems come up.

It's all about the traditionalist culture of Japan — Japanese ladies know that family is top priority, and they don't question traditional gender roles. The manners of these women are legendary (have you heard about geishas?

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