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[11; RL 1936; NCL 2772] [11; RL 1937; NCL 2773] [11; RL 1938; NCL 2774] — (NRS A 1967, 631) Every employment agent or broker who, with intent to influence the action of any person thereby, shall misstate or misrepresent verbally or in any writing or advertisement any material matter relating to the demand for labor, the conditions under which any labor or service is to be performed, the duration thereof or the wages to be paid therefor, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person, firm or corporation convicted of violating the provisions of NRS 613.040 to 613.070, inclusive, shall be punished by a fine of not more than ,000. The penalty must be recovered in a suit brought for that purpose by the Attorney General in the name of and for the benefit of the State of Nevada, but the prosecution must not be commenced later than 3 months after the commission of the offense described in NRS 613.040. If a penalty is imposed pursuant to this section, the costs of the proceeding, including investigative costs and attorneys fees, may be recovered by the Attorney General. 3391; NCL 10603] — (NRS A 1967, 632; 1993, 900) In all prosecutions under NRS 613.040 to 613.070, inclusive, the person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of NRS 613.040 to 613.070, inclusive, shall be held responsible for the acts of his, her or its managers, officers, agents and employees. 3391; NCL 10603] Nothing contained in NRS 613.040 to 613.060, inclusive, shall be construed to prevent the injured employee from recovering damages from his or her employer for injury suffered through a violation of NRS 613.040 to 613.060, inclusive. 3391; NCL 10604] RECORDS REGARDING EMPLOYEES Inspection by person who is subject of records; provision of copies upon request; cost of copies; person permitted to submit written explanation in response to information in records and to challenge accuracy; limitations. Any person or governmental entity who employs and has under his or her direction and control any person for wages or under a contract of hire, or any labor organization referring a person to an employer for employment, shall, upon the request of that employee or person referred: (a) Give the employee or person referred a reasonable opportunity, during the usual hours of business, to inspect any records kept by that employer or labor organization containing information used: (1) By the employer or labor organization to determine the qualifications of that employee and any disciplinary action taken against the employee, including termination from that employment; or (2) By the labor organization with respect to that persons position on its list concerning past, present and future referrals for employment; and (b) Furnish the employee or person referred with a copy of those records.

[1911 C&P 520; RL 6785; NCL 10466] Any person, persons, partnership, association, company or corporation, or his, her or its officers, directors or agents, who or which shall employ for wages any person or persons in any occupation, and who or which at the time of employing such person or persons shall make any false representation or pretenses as to having sufficient funds to pay such wages, and who after labor has been done under such employment by the employee or employees shall fail upon the discharge or resignation of such employee or employees, for a period of 5 days after such wages are legally payable, to pay the employee or employees on demand the wages due the employee or employees for such labor, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. 3390; NCL 10601] — (NRS A 1967, 632) POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation doing business or employing labor in the State of Nevada to make any rule or regulation prohibiting or preventing any employee from engaging in politics or becoming a candidate for any public office in this state. The records to be made available do not include confidential reports from previous employers or investigative agencies, other confidential investigative files concerning the employee or person referred or information concerning the investigation, arrest or conviction of that person for a violation of any law. An employer or labor organization shall allow an employee or person referred to submit a reasonable written explanation in direct response to any written entry in the records of employment regarding the employee or person.

NRS 613.220 Assembling and cooperation of employees to secure increases in wages unrestricted.It shall be unlawful for any person, persons, company, corporation, society, association or organization of any kind doing business in this state by himself, herself, itself, themselves, his, her, its or their agents or attorneys to induce, influence, persuade or engage workers to change from one place to another in this state, or to bring workers of any class or calling into this state to work in any of the departments of labor in this state, through means of false or deceptive representations, false advertising or false pretenses concerning: (a) The kind and character of the work to be done; (b) The amount and character of the compensation to be paid for such work; (c) The sanitary or other conditions of their employment; or (d) The existence or nonexistence of a strike or other trouble pending between the employer and employees at the time of or prior to such engagement, proposal or contract for such employment of workers. Any person, persons, company, corporation, society, association or organization of any kind doing business in this state, as well as his, her, their or its agents, attorneys, servants or associates, violating any of the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a gross misdemeanor. Any worker of this state or any worker of another state who has been or shall be influenced, induced or persuaded to engage with any person mentioned in subsection 1, or any company, corporation, society or organization mentioned in subsection 1, through or by means of any of the things therein prohibited, shall have a cause of action for recovery and may recover at law for all damages that the worker shall have sustained in consequence of the false or deceptive representations, false advertising or false pretenses used to induce the worker to change his or her place of employment, or place of abode in case such worker shall not be then employed at the time of such inducement and hiring, against any person or persons, corporations, companies or associations directly or indirectly causing such damages.In any action under this section for the recovery of such damages, the court shall have the power to award a reasonable attorneys fee in favor of the prevailing party, which fee shall be taxed as costs against the losing party therein.NRS 613.180 Hospital fees: Unlawful collection from employee.NRS 613.190 Corrupt influencing of employee unlawful.

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NRS 613.400 Preferential treatment of certain persons on account of imbalance in existing number or percentage of those persons employed not required. NRS 613.4374 Employer must prove undue hardship for refusal to provide reasonable accommodation.

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