Accomodating gender equity

Equality can deal with gender or race issues and, while it can be uncomfortable to address, teachers must promote equality in the classroom for optimal learning.Establish rules from the beginning that promote equality in the classroom.Focus a lesson plan around the circumstances whenever possible.Read stories or magazine articles, depending on ages and learning levels, demonstrating equality in local situations.Lauralee Moss writes about education, female-oriented subjects and parenting.She writes for Advice for Parenting, Book Rags and other websites.

She is currently developing a new website about switching classrooms and educational theories.

Allow students a creative outlet concerning equality.

Once equality becomes a mainstay in all facets of your classroom, students will feel welcome, a sense of belonging, and most importantly, safe so they can learn and be themselves.

Weave the message of equality into your classroom decorations.

Find posters and expressions that will serve as constant reminders.

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