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No other breeder will invite you to see your puppy 24/7.

It’s important that you know how your puppy was raised and socialized…not just by what you are told but by what you can see with your own eyes. They are never, ever sold to pet stores or puppy brokers!

Each Female is broadcasted live for monitoring purposes when ready to birth and thereafter.

As with all births, there is an inherent risk of complications, injury or death. A Vet will be on standby and also keeps checking on the live webcam.

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#Donations processed through Pay Pal have increased by 14% Yo Y, with more than 55 million donors contributing .6 billion to #Nonprofits in 2018.

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Roman Philip DVM – Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital “I have been servicing Maximilian Schnauzers for many years and they have become on of my favorite clients. Their excellent health and top conditions speaks of the superb care they are receiving.

If you are looking for an ethical and a remarkable breeder then Vera Clark fits the bill” – Dr.

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